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History and Milestones

In the year 2002, the State Health Resource Centre (SHRC), a state-civil society body was founded as an additional technical capacity to the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Chhattisgarh. It was a significant milestone, as the partnership was driven to enhance the technical capabilities of the department. SHRC provide crucial technical support to the government in facilitating community based activities and strengthening the healthcare sector. Over the years, SHRC has firmly established itself as a bridge connecting government health systems with the communities it serves. The Mitanin Programme is SHRCs most remarkable achievement involving approximately 70,000 dedicated community health workers (Mitanin) who reaches out to an astounding 2 Crore 40 Lakhs people across more than 20,000 villages & 3,800 Urban slums. Mitanins prove an array of essential services. These include healthcare, education, linking communities with formal government health services and also galvanizing community action in pursuit of health rights. Their work is a beacon of transformation and progress.



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