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Climate Change & Human Health

Chhattisgarh’s State Health Resource Centre (SHRC) completed a study ‘Health Impact Assessment of Communities in Areas Surrounding Korba Thermal Power Station’ in 2020. The study assesses the health impact on communities in Korba living near coal-fired thermal power plants. It affirms the hypothesis that the population living near thermal power plants has greater exposure to particulate matter resulting in higher respiratory illnesses than the general population. Post the Study SHRC expanded its work statewide and is acknowledged and identified as the environmental health cell for technical support to the Chhattisgarh National Program of Climate Change and Human Health (CG NPCCHH) around air pollution mitigation, and climate change and human health action plans.

We aim to address the state-specific concerns and health challenges in line with NPCCHH with the following objectives:

  • To create awareness among the general population (vulnerable community), healthcare providers, and Policymakers regarding the impacts of climate change on human health.
  • To strengthen the capacity of the healthcare system to reduce illnesses/ diseases due to variability in climate.
  • To strengthen health preparedness and response by performing situational analysis at national/ state/ district/ below district levels.
  • To develop partnerships and create synchrony/ synergy with other missions and ensure that health is adequately represented in the climate change agenda in the country.
  • To strengthen research capacity to fill the evidence gap on climate change's impact on human health.



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