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Human Resource for Health (HRH)

SHRC contributes strategic insights into human resources for health (HRH) in Chhattisgarh. Since the inception of the state, SHRC has backed innovative HRH policies like Mitanin (ASHA) and Rural Medical Assistant (RMA). It advocates for strategies to attract and retain HRH, ensure timely recruitment, and plan for rural and underserved areas. Analyzing HRH demand and supply, SHRC aids in timely recruitment, reducing vacancies. It also assists in developing transfer policies for the state.

Key Focus areas to work in HRH::

  • Assessment of clinical providers' knowledge.
  • Identification and Mapping of specialist availability in public health facilities.
  • Promotion of direct recruitment of specialists and conducting recruitment drives.
  • Formulation of a rational posting and transfer policy.
  • Update of Chhattisgarh Rural Medical Corps (CRMC) norms.
  • Management of dual practice with incentivization.



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