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Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)


State Health Resource Centre (SHRC) is actively engaged in health policy systems research for evidence-based decision making to the policymakers of the state. As health system research involves human participants, there is need to protect their dignity, rights, safety, and well-being. With this objective, Institutional Ethics Committee of the State Health Resource Centre Raipur Chhattisgarh has been formed to address ethical aspects related to research proposals. The committee ensures that research protocols are ethically acceptable and the committee evaluates the effects of health-related interventions on health outcomes. SHRC-IEC Chhattisgarh follows all the provisions in ICMR Ethical Guidelines 2017. The objective of institutional ethics committee is to ensure that the research conducted in the institution is ethical, respectful of human dignity and rights, and compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. The committee reviews the research proposals, monitors the progress and outcomes of the research, and provides guidance and feedback to the researchers and participants. The committee also promotes ethical awareness and education among the institution's staff and students.

Members of the Institutional Ethics Committee

SNO. Name Role of member in Ethics Committee
1 Dr. Ramchandra Ram Chairperson
2 Mr. Durgesh Puri Goswami Member (Lay Person)
3 Dr. Kavita Patel Member Secretary
4 Mr. Vishnu Gupta Alternate Member Secretary
5 Dr. Priti Lata Shrivastava Member (Clinician)
6 Dr. Mitashree Mitra Member (Basic Medical Scientist)
7 Mr. Jage Lal Gahare Member (Social Scientist)
8 Mr. Komal Prasad Dewangan Member (Legal Person)
9 Mr. Narayan Tripathi Member
10 Ms. Sudeshna Member (NGO representative)
11 Ms. Indu Sahu Alternate Member (NGO representative)
12 Ms. Anju Kewar Member

For external participants and organisations, a charge of Rs 25,000 is levied for applying to the review.

Contact person:

Secretary, Institutional Ethics Committee –
Ms Kavita Patel, email id – kavitapatelph@gmail.com
Alternate member secretary –
Mr Vishnu Gupta, email id – vishnupublichealthofficial@gmail.com



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