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Ayurved Gram Evaluation

In the year 2003, Chhattisgarh pioneered the innovative 'Ayurvedagram' scheme, driven by the overarching goal of 'Swasthya Swatta Rakshanam / Aturashya Vikarprashanam’. This visionary initiative aimed to educate rural communities about the fundamental principles of good health according to Ayurveda, including the concepts of 'ritu chakra' (seasonal cycle) and 'din charya' (daily routine) The program also focused on promoting healthy food habits, encouraging individuals to cultivate medicinal herbs in their own backyard, providing knowledge about herbal medicine, and inspiring people to incorporate herbal remedies into their daily lives. 'Ayurvedagram' was executed in 500 villages spread across 146 blocks in Chhattisgarh. In 2016, SHRC conducted a comprehensive evaluation of this pioneering scheme, assessing its impact and effectiveness in improving the health and well-being of the participating communities.

Ayurved Gram Evaluation  
Evaluation Of Ayurvedgram Yojana In Chhattisgarh By Shrc 2017.Pdf View Download
Situational Analysis Assesment Of Expressed Need And Standardization Of Ayush-Report 2016.Pdf View Download
Study 15 Standardisation Of Ayush System In Chhattisgarh 2010-11 View Download


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