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History and Milestones

The State Health Resource Centre (SHRC), established in 2002 as a collaboration between the government of Chhattisgarh and civil society, has played a pivotal role in strengthening the healthcare systems in the state. The establishment of SHRC marked a major step forward in boosting the technical capabilities of the Department of Health and Family Welfare. SHRC works as an additional technical capacity institution for health in Chhattisgarh. Through continuous and essential technical support, SHRC provides ongoing technical support to the government in facilitating community-based health systems work and strengthening health systems. Over the years, SHRC has firmly established itself as a bridge connecting government health systems with the communities it serves. SHRC also acts as a bridge between health systems and health intelligentsia, including research and academics in healthcare.

Foremost among SHRC's achievements stands the Mitanin Programme, a testament to its impactful endeavors. This program harnesses the efforts of approximately 72,000 dedicated community health workers, known as Mitanins. They serve an impressive 260 million individuals residing across more than 20,000 villages and 3,800 urban slums. Mitanin serves as a crucial link between government health systems and the communities they serve. Its remarkable achievements encompass healthcare, and education, linking communities with formal government health services, and galvanizing community action in pursuit of health rights. Through their multifaceted efforts, Mitanins are driving positive change and advancing the well-being of society.

In health systems strengthening, SHRC has played a critical role in establishing important health institutional frameworks in the state, such as the national health mission, Chhattisgarh Medical Service Corporation Limited, and other institutions. It continues to work closely with the Department of Health in Chhattisgarh to further improve health systems.



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