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Since 2003, SHRC has provided technical assistance to the department in drafting various editions of the Essential Drug List (EDL). Chhattisgarh pioneered the launch of the EDL, Drug Formulary, and Standard Treatment Guidelines in 2003, a first in India. Currently, the state follows the 2021 edition of the EDL. SHRC conducts regular assessments of essential drug availability in CGMSC warehouses and government health facilities. It supports the improvement of the drug supply system by monitoring the free drugs scheme monthly, determining buffer quantities for each EDL drug, identifying important drugs, enhancing annual indent forecasting, and conducting prescription audits periodically. SHRC also conducts situational analyses of diagnostic services, identifying gaps and underlying systemic issues. It advocates for essential diagnostic service policies in public facilities and lists essential tests at different levels. Additionally, SHRC provides technical support for cost estimation, human resource planning, and equipment and reagent procurement for essential diagnostics.



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