Health Sector Reform Contribution

Policy Development

The SHRC has contributed significantly to the development of the state health departments’ human resource development policy and the IEC strategy as well as to their implementation. Projects in Policy Development are:

  • Integrated Health and Population Policy

  • Drugs and Supplies Policy

  • BCC Strategy and Implementation Framework

  • Training Policy

  • Policy for Medically underserved Areas

  • Policy Framework for Private-Public-Partnerships for Emergency Obstetric Care

Operationalising First Referral Units

SHRC has 3 projects belonging to Operationalising First Referral Units

  • The EQUIP Approach

  • Multiskilled Medical Officers

  • 24 hours Service of PHCs

Situating Sub-Centres & PHCs

Using Geographical Information System (GIS), SHRC has identifed the places where the health institutions of Chhattisgarh are situated and where there are still shortages in order to establish new health centres.

Rational Drug Use Promotion

SHRC has a step-by-step approach on reforming the Drug use scenario of the State.

  • Essential Drug Use Promotion

  • Standard Treatment Guidelines for Medical Officers

  • State Drug Formulary

  • Draft Drug Policy


Placing Health on the Panchayat's Agenda and Village Level Health Planning, and theirs emphasis on Decentralization has become a national priority within the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). Therefore the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Chhattisgarh has announced with the assistance of SHRC:

Swasth Panchayat Yojana / Health & Human Development Index Based Planning
District Level Health Planning (under construction!!!)

Proposal (Strategy) Development

The SHRC has significantly contributed to develop/design programme plans and is able to strengthen the sovereignty and federal basis of health planning:

  • Reproductive and Child Health Programme-II Proposal

  • EU-State Partnership Plan Proposal Development

  • NRHM Programme Implementation Plans for Chhattisgarh


SHRC undertakes formative and operational research and rapid programme appraisals in cooperation with the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Chhattisgarh:

  • Control of Malaria

  • Pattern of Illness and Household Expenditure in rural Chhattisgarh

  • Birth Registration

  • Workforce Management for Health Strengthening Public Health Systems

  • Private Sector in Emergency Obstetric Care

  • Mitanin Evaluation

  • HHDI Based Village Planning

  • Prescription Analysis




The government of Chhattisgarh is publishing books which are authored and edited by the SHRC.
Publications for Strengthening Public Health System

  • Mitanin Publications

  • Giving Public Health & chance

Operationalise the State Institute of Health and Family Welfare

The SIHFW puts the responsibility for making functional the newly built health training centre on SHRC.

Creation of New Facilities

Under Construction!!!


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